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If you're going to use a backing track...


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the whole "if something goes wrong, don't stop - keep going" thing is a common staple of musicianship that's often the first thing anyone is taught.
But, that's usually in reference to a clam or mistake, like playing the wrong chord or note at one point. In this case, there is at least one instrument that's wildly out of tune with the others for the entire song.



Unless he did it just to spite his guitar tech... Only explanation other than he couldn't hear the difference (hard to believe) or he was just too stoned....

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Only explanation other than he couldn't hear the difference (hard to believe)
Based on some of his antics on stage lately, I've wondered if he's near deaf. Besides the infamous "Greensboro Jump" performance and the monitor tossing, I've seen clips of him where he's banging the tail of his guitar on the stage while fretting chords as if that's an innovation, and stuff like this




He's supposed to be sober, but who knows. We've heard that from him before.

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I last saw VH in 1980. DLR stopped the show because someone threw a beer bottle at him. There's another YT of DLR stopping the song because he saw two guys fighting and told them to stop. You can't "stop" backing tracks. Eddie had plenty of time to swap guitars. And no amount of swapping would had improved his guitar sound.
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Van Halen used to be Top Gun and a Sensational band , back about 75-85 ,and David Lee Roth one of THE best rock front men ever.


Now (in this video at least), sadly , they must be trying to pay the F##king bills. (i.e save money - don't pay for a real keyboardist)



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