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Studio bass rig

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Hey guys,


I'm a former bassist from the late 60's and early 70's who has since become a keyboardist, and normally post on the Keyboard corner. I'm putting together a studio, and am going to purchase a bass rig. I am partial to the Ampeg sound, and have picked up an Ampeg (4x10" + horn) 200 w. bottom.


Would you give me some suggestions for a bass head? I'm considering an Ampeg BR4 or an SVT. Can you tell me about the "tube modeling" of the BR4? How do these stack up with a Trace Elliot or a MarkBass, or Gallien Krueger? I'm looking for advice, nuance (not brand-name bashing). I'd appreciate your knowledge and perspective.

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As someone who spent pretty much all of my recording career going direct, I might not be the best person to give advice, but


if you want an amp in the studio, I would say it should be an SVT. The other amps you mention would all be good live (although I've heard a store owner call one of those brands, "Try Selling It").


But I think you want the sound of tubes driving speakers and an Ampeg amp is the established way to get that. You'll probably have to put the bass speakers in an isolation room to keep them from bleeding all over the drum mikes....unless you plan on recording the bass parts with no one else there.

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I agree with Mr C., but if you put the 750W Trace Elliott in there, the bass player will never have to worry about being heard. The 15' speaker will keep the air circulating as well. ;)


If the rehearsing musicians are going to be using headphones, that will matter less.

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Hmmm. This sounds interesting, mostly because things sound rather open-ended. What type of budget are you looking at for the bass rig on it's own? And are you looking for some cross functionality where this rig will be used for both recording AND rehearsals?

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