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My good Kurzweil pre-release candidates

Theo Verelst

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So I've worked on this patch yesterday which is supposed to get approved by me after some work , just like I made a "latest technique" epiano available for download a little while ago, and I'm offering it for download. I've more or less jokingly suggested I might want to be in for the " ultimate sound set " with 10 or 20 go to patches for all the main sounds which don't suffer (too much ?) from all kinds of deficits that make my stomach turn when using the ROM patches.


Listen to it, try it for free, and maybe I wasn't joking.


pc3jazzgrpp1.mp3 44.1 35s stereo


Recording is with some hum because of my tv cable having been not detached, no sequencing, editing, extra effect or software used at all.


It's here for testing:


nycjazzgrdpptv7u.pc3 (1 pc3 (not LE!) sound + effects, 3.9kB)


Theo V.

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Thanks for sharing, Theo! I've another week out of town before I can try this. Looking forward to it. I hope I'll be able to contribute some constructive comments.



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Good, and yes, still too many effect units, and thanks.


Here's the same sound played through my studio processing (single low-mid tube band with FFT, mid and some highs FFT averaging, some reverse tube spoiling, and reverse multiband compression of a part of the spectrum, slight eq) and a Lexicon double effect:





I didn't use the fastest computer, so there are a few hickups with the relatively low delay I had set. Still it's an impression this could work, a few things are upside down, some regularities of the piano are there, but not so strong yet, etc. Oh the sliders do stuff,


G : per tone EQ "presence" control

H : slight tone length control

I : reverb (amount and length) control


The unintentional tunability of a "anti spoiling" - pulse width + filter layer with sliders ABCD as respectively cutoff, resonance, envelope amount and detune IIRC.


It's hard to edit these sounds, because they make use of an internal logic that "switches" and "tunes" behavior hidden in the deeper layers of it, and uses a non-trivial mixing path. So there's of course still a normal-ish relation between the parameters and the sound, but the differential parameter sensitivity axises are not pointing where you may think, and are actually curves. So if you think you came up with a nicer or interesting remake of it: share it with me or all, but don't be surprised if somehow that isn't easy enough to mention, because it isn't as it appears.


Oh, I think is is fine in mono too, or with a metronome (but not perfect yet). In fact I've just tried it with added Lexicon reverb through (4 fold) multi-expansion (another standard trick) and that works, too, in the studio type setting, anyhow (example : pc3jazzgrpp_expalex3.mp3 ).


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