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Redmatica Autosampler help...


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I'm looking for the last version of Redmatica's Autosampler that did not try to connect to their now defunct servers.


I'm NOT looking for a pirated copy or asking for a serial number. I'm a proper license holder.


I'm purchased Autosampler, have my own serial number, but somehow missed Redmatica's lame "get your copy right now" post. The way they treated their existing customers when they were purchased by Apple is the lamest thing I've ever seen.


Can anyone help? If so, message me.


Thank you.

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Unfortunately, there was no bounce-back mechanism in place to get confirmation from registered users that they'd received the notice. I got the new download code, which stated that it would be up until a fixed date. It offered a couple of useful tweaks, but they did not seem huge, simply incremental. I'm afraid that window of opportunity just plain closed then. It IS a great tool, which has enhanced my library by several notches. I'm sorry you're stuck, but hey, its not unusable, even at that revision.


I rather doubt that Apple will offer diddly to old Redmatica users and considering the re-coding involved, that's FINE. I'll bet it'll be fairly cheap and if they port everything over, suddenly Logic's venerable but a-bit-long-in-the-tooth EXS24 sampler will become a real powerhouse. Autosampler is amazing and their EXS Manager would slot right into the existing browser nicely. Since they've released Logic X, there is a fair chance that your problem will be resolved rather cheaply soon.





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I'm sorry you're stuck, but hey, its not unusable, even at that revision.


Actually, the version I have is COMPLETELY unusable because it tries to contact the Redmatica license servers and obviously fails, then quits.


I'm just looking for a friendly soul that would send me the last version they sent out, the one that does not contact their servers. I'll put my own serial number in.


Know anyone?


Thanks again.

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