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Dirty Loops first original song

jeremy c

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After a career based on fusion covers of hit pop songs (check out their Justin Bieber and Adele covers on youtube, Dirty Loops has started recording their first album of original music. Here's the first song they have released.


The bassist says he started playing bass because of Flea, but now Gary Willis is his favorite player.


These three guys make a beautiful noise together (with the help of a few backing tracks).



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I like this a lot!

Vocally - sounds like a high energy Jamiroqaui.

Musically - I'd really like Pop music to take this direction.

Drums - Reminds me of a Dave Weckl track. I'm not sure I get the "Heavy Metal drumming" aspect Jeremy?

Bassist (Henrik Linder) looks familiar. Thought I saw him with another project - certainly has a 'unique' look.



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Reminds me of smooth jazz.


I get the "heavy metal drumming" comment. The drum fills are too rapid-fire and too staccato. If he's not using a double-kick pedal it has that same feel.


When John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) did his snare-kick-tom triplets (or whatever) they sounded more human and less machine-like. Skin versus plastic heads? Less deadening devices? Analog recording? I don't know the answer.


For example, here is a vid of a drummer from a local CL ad.


Notice all the double-kick and constant pounding of 16ths. That style wouldn't work with, say, R&B.

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The Yellowjackets stopped being smooth jazz many years ago. You will never hear them on those kind of stations.


Smooth jazz has to be mellow. Not a lot of chords. Mostly sax leads.


On one of the albums I recorded on, we had specific instructions from the record company. We replaced some songs with simpler songs and replaced a flute solo with a sax solo. After the record company went out of business, we released the album again the way we first recorded it.

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As a guy who didn't appreciate Jamiroquai or Level 42 for years after they'd gone dormant or split up, I can only say that it's better than that damn Daft Punk disco song. I think it's impressive to get that much out of a trio, yet it seems a bit unfinished, or artificial, perhaps a real horn section would have given it a more "live" feel.


It's catchy, with a lot of energy, and Europeans have been selling R&B back to US dance floors for over 50 years, so they are on the right track.


The breakdown near the end has some electronica stuff going on, that gives it the "new and edgy" cachet.


Good luck to them, at least they actually play their own instruments.

"Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me.'-Hamlet


Guitar solos last 30 seconds, the bass line lasts for the whole song.



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I'm not sure what you would call that style. It's a pop tune with fusion overtones and maybe even a little heavy metal drumming.


I like music that doesn't easily fit into a category.


First, let me say that absolutely rocked. Outrageous musicianship, cool tune, great vocal. I love what they are doing. Second, I gotta say the only problem these guys have is the A&R departments of the major labels won't have any idea what to do with them. The labels want the same ol' same ol'. Unless I'm very much mistaken(and I really hope I am) these guys will run into the same sort of problem the Dixie Dregs did, i.e., not being generic enough to sell big. All the same, I wish 'em well, and I really hope they find their way in front of a big audience. It does my heart good to hear young musicians playing music so well, and, I might add, so bravely.


Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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