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Way kool lefty axe from my cousin

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I recently mentioned my lefty cousin, who has a fine collection of guitars-this is a pic he posted on FB, had to share. This guitar was made for him by Don Oriolo of Oriolo Guitars, he`s the one holding it. He owns the name and rights to the Felix the Cat character, since his dad pretty much invented it. Apparently there is more personalized artwork on the back that is not visible in this pic but still, awesome work.




Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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Cool! Especially the Felix the Cat heirloom-pedigree background!


Might not be as comfy for me as it would be for a banjo player, though; I'd have to try it to see...


Dibs on the sweet Guild 12-String lurking in the background!

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Hahahaha - Felix the Cat - that sure brings back some old memories!!

I could see a whole series of old cartoon character guitars...

Very Cool Skip



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