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GEM/LEM, where are the parts? I found them...

Delaware Dave

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They apparently are still sitting at the abandoned factory in Italy. I saw this video (it's in Italian) and there appears to still be millions of dollars of keyboards, assemblies, circuit boards, schematics ... brand new parts still wrapped up in boxes just rotting away in the building, which apparently is being pilfered. Can't find a part here in the US but the parts needed are sitting there. It's really sad to watch this video. Someone could buy the parts for pennies on the dollar, Ebay the parts and it could be a win/win for customers and the parts seller.



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Delaware Dave

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Yes, considering I have a Pro 1 that is sitting in my studio broken and unused.

Remember when Peavey was selling them ?That's when I purchased mine.


I would love to find a service manual or schematic for it

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My Promega 2 is still working...............everything crossed.

Fantastic weighted piano, love it

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Actually, all remainings of GEM (and the brand) have been recently during last summer, bought and brought to Salo, Finland, by few local investors. They have emptied the factories in Italy and brought many truck loads of old stock and instrument parts here.


According to a local paper, they're planning to launch a range of (new?) products somewhere next year.


I wish then all the best.



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If there is a hell, they're showing that video looped.


Palme D'Or 2014 nominee.


Particularly moving scene featuring a package with "Midi" and "Phil Collins" and a likeness of the man who shocked the world filling Pete "Crazy Horse" Gabbby's painted pixie boots all those years ago on "Seconds Out."


Great post. Big Generalmusic fan. Thank you. Have to go for a lie down. It's all too much.

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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