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note blow-outs on Casio Px3 digital piano


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I've been using this keyboard for a about a year now. Lately I've noticed that occasionally several notes will "blowout" if they are struck with force. Basically the sound produced is on pitch but very loud and distorted. I'm wondering if any other Casio keyboard others have had this problem? I'm assuming that this is something that I can't fix and I will need to find an authorized repair person to take care of it.
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Do you mean that the velocity level is at its highest for several notes?


If so, this could be caused by dirt around the key contacts.


If you're handy, you may be able to disassemble the board & spray some compressed air (from a can, not an air compressor from your garage). :)


It only takes a small amount of that sandy soil in and around New Bern to take out a key. :cool:


Good luck.




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