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Accordion Synth?


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"I need something to make accordion sounds. Any ideas?"

"Well, actually..."


Joking apart - that squeezebox ain't the easiest thing to play IMHO. My baby steps into the folky realm have been taken with a melodica. I can't sing while I'm playing it, for me but the expressiveness of an acoustic breath-controller beats bellows any time.


Cheers, Mike.

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...that squeezebox ain't the easiest thing to play IMHO.


If you're really going to play it, this is true. But anything you are producing with a two octave KB patch isn't going to include the left hand buttons anyway and can easily be done with the right hand on a piano accordion. A button accordion is a whole 'nother thing to learn.


The melodica suggestion is good, though.

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She's got an accordion, which is too cumbersome, and she needs to be able to sing, so the melodica is out. I would think any cheap Casio would have a decent accordion patch. Touch sensitivity would be nice, so she wouldn't have to use a volume pedal. It's a folk duo. They're both standing.
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I've tried lots of electronic keyboard accordion voices, and most were crap. A full 5 octaves, but my old Yamaha PSR2000 arranger has a couple very usable accordion voices. That, or a similar, newer model could probably be found for under $500 used. A small 12 bass accordion might be a consideration also, if you can find a good one.
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I've never been happy with accordion patches - and when I got into a real piano accordion a few years back it was a whole new world - it's a small to medium size 34 key model - maybe she needs a small(er) accordion -


and the audience reaction to a real accordion is exceptionally positive!!


I recently picked up a hohner wireless mic kit - just awesome to be able to move around the stage with that!


I confess that I only play 2-4 songs max at a time because it starts to hurt, although sitting down would relieve that...

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Korg microX - has 25 keys and accordion patches from Triton


Korg X50 - not 3 octaves, but a really compact instrument nonetheless


Yamaha MX49 - patches from Motif XS, 49 keys


or.. get a Roland JV1010 (has fantastic accordion sounds,weights 3 pounds and is very cheap, I got mine for $80) and pair it with whatever 2-3 octave midi keyboard you fancy.

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