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Recommendations for Hammond/Leslie technicians in DFW?


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Subject says it all. I have a 147 with a converted-to-122 amp on loan to a studio down there, and someone took the cabinet label at face value and plugged it into the 147 connector on the Trek UC1A. 100% my bad - should have taped over the 147 connector on the Trek. I've made this same mistake before but always realized my error quickly and somehow avoided damage. Anyway, he offered to pay for repairs, I just need a good tech in the area.


Report from the spot: "I checked the fuse and its good but something is definitely wrong now. It powers up and spins but no variation in speed and no sound." I told him to try plugging it into the B3 (wired for 122) and he said same results. He also reported a vague odor of burning. :)


I'm pretty phlegmatic about the whole thing - it was definitely the #2 Leslie of my collection, tone-wise. I imagine it can only be the same or improved after whatever work is needed.


So, any recommendations?

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I know a good tech from Houston but is probably way too far for a service call.



George rules. If I were you, danno, I'd drop George a line and see if he can recommend someone.

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Tommy Young in Garland Texas can help you out. PM me and I will send you his number. Garland is just outside Dallas.
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Yikes. Yes, George is great, +1 281-479-3939, he is in Pasadena TX.


As for damage, let's think about this... you could have shorted DC ground to AC neutral or hot, if you were set to "Chorale". Yikes.


If you re-wired the 147 to a 122 exactly, including the ability to power the preamp in a pre-B2 organ, you would have also connected B+ to the other AC wire. Yikes yikes.


I believe him when he said he smelled burning. You may also need to service the Trek-II UC1A.


FWIW any GOOD guitar amp tech can service a Leslie amp.



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