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Studiologic Numa Piano - MIDI implementation


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I'm vaguely in the market for a hammer-action controller to put under my NS2 73. The Numa Piano wasn't on my radar until recently when I realised it was lightweight (25lb, with the controversial TP/100 action) and had an internal PSU.


I have a simple, but specific, requirement - the ability to transmit on two MIDI channels simultaneously.


(For the Nord geeks among you, that's the Dual Keyboard channel, and the Slot A Piano channel. That allows me to have AP/EP/Clav etc. on my lower tier, and mix up all the synths, organs, and a second piano on the top tier. OR, by using Dual Keyboard, I can bring organs and synths onto the lower tier, at the expense of less flexible layers/splits on top. The point is that I can choose without having to touch my lower board - which is important as I want the Stage very close to it, probably obscuring its controls.


Interestingly the Yamahas can do this, making the P35 a strong contender, but the external PSU is a turn-off. What can I say?)


I tried R'ing TFM a few times, and there seems to be a statement that the Numa Piano transmits everything on Channel 16. Plus there are controls to choose a channel. So is it a dual-transmit:

- You choose a channel

- And you get channel 16 as well?

If so, that could work for me - I could choose channels 1 and 16 on the NS2.


Any advice/reports from Numa Piano owners much appreciated.


Cheers, Mike.

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