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My Gig Last Night with the SK2


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First, thanks to all of you who offered to loan me your rigs for my gig last night. What a great group of people on this forum!


I ended up using Bobby's SK2 that he loaded with Jim A.'s tone wheel set. My impressions are below...


Love the weight. Was a perfect balance between handling it at my age and being heavy enough to stay steady during palm glisses and smears.


What a beautiful instrument! I was wrong. It reeks of quality. I love the glossy wood end blocks... Very nice .


The keyboard is not as nice as my old XK3c, but I quickly got used to it. Jim was right...


I did miss the two sets of drawbars that were on the xk3. Although I usually only use 808000000 for this band, I do change my lower registrations often when I play with some other bands. Yes, I could use presets, but I am old school... And love to use the drawbars... And the draw faders did not bother me too much.


The Leslie sim was pretty damn good! Although I would have preferred a vent or burn, the sim does hold its own.


Coupled with my new EV 12 inch monitors, the organ sounded fantastic. I had several people come up to compliment me on the organ sound. My guitar player told me that it was the best Hammond clone he has ever heard. I must agree, it sounded great. And those EV's stayed even with no booming... Even during the high DB's that we were pushing last night! I was clearly heard and could overpower the guitars with little effort. And I did not have to use a mixer!


So thanks Bobby! And to all the SK2 owners out there... You chose well.


'55 and '59 B3's, Leslies 147, 122, 21H, Motif XS7, Mellotrons M300 and M400, Wurlitzer 200, Gibson G101, Vox Continental, Mojo
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Bobby rocks.


He offered to loan me his keyboard when I was in LA a few years ago.


I didn't need to take him up on his offer, but I'll never forget his generosity!


Thanks for the photo, Dave. :thu:




"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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I also love my Sk2, the fact that I can have so much in a dual manual keyboard that I can carry with 1 hand, un believable whats around these days. The only thing Im not crazy about is the extra voices, sure, they work, they get me through the gig ok , but Im just not inspired by them. The wurli and clavs do sound good, everything else is average or below. Tossing up wether to add something like a Px5 or Sv1 73 to the setup ??? In hindsight, maybe I should have got a Sk1 and something else for pianos etc ( Xk1c wasn't around when I brought this)

"Ive been playing Hammond since long before anybody paid me to play one, I didn't do it to be cool, I didnt do it to make a statement......I just liked it "


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Rumor is that Hammond will be tweaking the Leslie sim in an upcoming OS update and adding more variables to the C/V so people can dial it in to their heart's content.


You have my attention. Any details you can share?


Dave, glad it worked for you. I, and I'm sure all the other SK users here, wouldn't even dream of saying we told you so! ;)

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Well done Dave.

I transferred to the SK2 a year ago from my XK3c and although as you say you miss the "authenticity" with full drawbars etc the sound is nailed.


At our gig last week I had a great keyboard playing friend come up to me to say how "anally" accurate my Hammond sounds were (relative to those of Tony Banks on Foxtrot etc.).

As well as thanking you guys for helping me with the L100 drawbar vs preset settings, I have to thank Hammond for reproducing the tonewheel sound so "anally" on the SK2/XK3c- that seems to be a compliment!




Yamaha CP70B;Roland XP30/AXSynth/Fantom/FA76/XR;Hammond XK3C SK2; Korg Kronos 73;ProSoloist Rack+; ARP ProSoloist; Mellotron M4000D; GEM Promega2; Hohner Pianet N, Roland V-Grand,Voyager XL, RMI
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I hope they'll update the Overdrive too ?!



Studio: Hammond XK5-XLK5, Yamaha P515, Roland Fantom 7, Prophet 5, Moog Sub37, Neo Vent, HX3-Expander

Live: Yamaha CP88, Hammond SKX Pro, Roland Juno-X, Leslie 251, Roland SA1000

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Glad it worked out Dave! I have definitely taken more than I have received in goodwill/real life help/advice on this forum so the least I can do is let you borrow the SK for a couple days. The fact that the SK2 is so small and light really ushers in a new era of easy organ gigging that was just impossible a couple years ago.

Kawai C-60 Grand Piano : Hammond A-100 : Hammond SK2 : Yamaha CP4 : Yamaha Montage 7 : Moog Sub 37


My latest album: Funky organ, huge horn section


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I hope they'll update the Overdrive too ?!



That would be great!


Ditto... it's the #1 thing that I hope H/S addresses in the near future.


The SK2 is my primary stage instrument... it gets a lot of attention and appreciation from fellow musicians. And it has a small footprint which really helps. I find the extra voices adequate and I use the AP and Rhodes & Wurli patches a good bit.


The SK2 is a good MIDI organ controller also... when using virtual organs such as Galileo on my iPad the SK2's controls (drawbars, percussion, leslie fast/slow) match up and respond well. I am using Galileo as my organ sound source in the studio primarily because it has a much better overdrive sim than the SK2 and it seems to have a lower noise floor too. But Galileo really needs a good controller to bring out it's best and that means the SK2.

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