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So on a whim I bought a Martin DCPA4 rosewood


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I bought a DCPA4 last week, Now I want to say I am terrible at acoustic, but this thing sounds good. Now How can I become a better acoustic player in the idea of neil young , bob dylan and such players. Should I just learn a bunch of their songs or should I study some thing more specific ????


Man getting used to the body width is killing my right arm, any hints on making it more comfy to play, had the guitar set up with new martin strings light gauge, the action is quite nice , the lefthand is not having much difficulty at all(other than trying to remember all those chords).


I own a few other acoustics , but never play them due to a lack of interest.



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Congrats on that new Martin! My right elbow/arm gave me problems for awhile when I started playing the acoustic more than I used to. I notice how much wider the body is over the thin body and solid body electrics. I have more issues when I'm standing up, so I pretty much play sitting down. Have a nice chair adjusted at comfortable height so your knee holds the weight of the guitar (some guys use a foot rest). Try angling the top of the guitar a little more toward your body so your elbow is not hanging way out there. Stand up and play once in awhile just to stay used to it. I would play more Dylan and skip those Neil Young songs LOL!
Take care, Larryz
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Congrads on the purchase. I too am not that interested in acoustic. But I once was and I learned those artists songs as entry into playing acoustic.


When I was a surfer I traveled all around the US surfing and when the surf was not up, I was practicing on acoustic. I break it out every once in a while, but it hurts the hands to play it. And I am not interested in any project enough to work past the pain for now.

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I never liked that style of cut-away on acoustics. But that's just me, maybe. I have picked at one at a GC store, and they sound really nice. As for the body width, you'll just have to get used to it. Play it long and often enough and you'll find playing a solid body electric, like say, a Strat, will feel awkward.


Good choice.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Hey Lok,


Enjoy your new axe!


I have to agree with Whitefang. The more you play it, the more comfortable it will become.


In terms of improving your acoustic playing, I don't think that sounding like Neil Young and Bob Dylan will present much of a problem. If you really want to sound like them, I'm sure that there are books/DVD's with transcriptions of their work.


I'm having a problem on acoustic too. I play fingerstyle (Travis) style on acoustic. I am completely out of practice. My right hand isn't doing what it should, when it should do it. I have been so completely obsessed with the Jazz thing that I let these skills fall by the wayside. If he were still alive, my teacher would kill me!

If you play cool, you are cool.
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