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Joining a New Band (maybe)......What questions to ask?


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The reason for this thread in general was that I have seen, and have been in, situations where a few guys get together to 'start a band.' Maybe they already know each other, but it doesn't matter. Then, as the band progresses, it becomes apparent, and often a matter of contention, that this member wants to play covers and book bars gigs, but that member just wants to work on originals and doesn't want to play out. Or, nobody has a PA but they all want to gig. Or, they practice at the drummer's man cave but he charges them a rehearsal fee. The idea was to get a lot of that stuff talked about before committing. I wouldn't bring this list up right away or before hearing them play, or before playing with them.
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Are there THAT many bands ( WITH WORK ) out there, that we can afford to be this picky, sensitive, or filthy rich? Or is it that most here, have a day job?


That said, I'm unlikely to join a Steppenwolf tribute band where the band rides between gigs on Harleys. But I'd be happy to sub once in a while, for a hoot! As long as no tattoos are required.


I'm deeply offended here. What's wrong with tattoos? Eh? Eh? :)







Occasionally, do something nice for a total stranger. They'll wonder what the hell is going on!
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working with a grouchy bastard isn't much fun. :)


About the grouch I mentioned in my earlier post. I joined a small band about 10 years ago. We didn't have a bass player, but our leader found one and invited him to practice. I had arrived a few minutes late and apparently took too long to set up for our new bass player. Granted, I probably wasn't in the greatest mood... I obviously don't like holding everyone up. But this guy just stood there watching me in disgust. Of course he could have helped me set up.


A few days later our band leader told me this guy didn't like my attitude and refused to join the band. :rolleyes:



When an eel hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's a Moray.
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