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OT: Saw Earth Wind and Fire Live


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Hey Everyone:


I recently caught Earth, Wind and FIre live. The concert was as a present from my better half for my birthday - a milestone for me in both ways. I tried to post some photo's but couldn't figure it out, so my apologies to the other forum members as a specifically took close up photos of Myron Mckinley's keyboard rig from the front of the stage for you all.


I wanted to mention that he is using the Roland Jupiter 80 onstage (main upper tier) in additional to his Kurzweil main keyboard and a single tier clone off to his left (upper tier). I know that there is a video on YouTube with him playing the Roland Jupiter 80, but I was interested in exactly what sounds he was using it for.


He also had a couple of other keyboards that I could not distinguish - but from the end blocks of one of them (slightly triangular), it looked to be another Roland keyboard. I know that the Chicago/EW&F video showed his complete setup at the time. Thought you all might find it interesting. So, if anyone wants to post some of the pics I took of them or the rig - let me know and I'll send them to you.


I also wanted to mention that the show was fantastic to watch and a LOT of fun. I was lucky enough to have great seats for it... so it was nice to see them up close. There are some really talented musicians in that band. And the core members of EW&F themselves were in top form also. Philip Bailey has an incredible range! I can't believe how high he can sing! They've also upped the theatrics of their lighting/lasers as well.... with some fantastic prism effects.


- Anthony :wave:

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Saw a version of EWF at our local 80s Rewind festival.


Think there was only one original member.


I'd have learned the tunes and played like that for one original member too.


Myron is great - you may well know him Steve.


Hats off to the youngsters filling in that I heard. Good job. No Jupiter 80s in sight. Just old keyboards like what I've had to use - along with half the crew on here I'll bet.

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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