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East-Uk preamps. The Best!! (IMO)


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I have a 3 band Delano in my TRB & a U-Retro in my BB415.


The Delano has fixed centre in each tone pot, but they are well-chosen, and I don't feel lacking for anything playing the TRB.


Having said that, the pannable Mids in the U-Retro can open up new sonic horizons.


Personally, I like a bit of a hump at aroung 180Hz, which is easy to achieve with JE, as is a cut at around 800Hz - unfortunately, not both together, or we'd be into NE1 territory.


The other advantage of the more recent JEs is that it is a non-solder fixing. Everything is done by screw terminals and it makes life very easy.


You'd need to read the website for details, but the bass control is boost only and, I think, changes Q as you roll it on. The pannable mids goes from roughly 150Hz to 3KHz and covers most needs, while boosting the treble affects a slightly different frequency from cutting treble - and pull out the treble knob for a boost.


For me, there's nothing that can't be done with the JE.


He's also renown for his personal service. It's well known over here that if you ring his business number on the phone it's just as likely as not that John will answer personally & you can discuss what your actual needs are with him & He'll often build a special for those with needs outwith the standard models.


We are talking here about the R(U)-Retro, but he also does excellent models for the P Bass & the Musicman basses, which may not be widely known.


His site (re-modelled) is worth a look.


I am not affiliated in any way, but, as you may have guessed, I am an enthusiastic supporter.


The only gripe I have with my U-Retro is that the output is very high &, if the volume knob is full up, easily overdrives many amps unless you have a gain control.



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the World will know Peace": Jimi Hendrix


The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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I have tried quite a few preamps in the past and I liked the warmth of the Barts pre-amp (and also their p/ups).. I kept them in my fretless for quite a while but when I wanted the 'Jaco' type tone, I felt that I needed a bit more presence which I got with the JE's. I also got more flexibility.

I've combined the Nordstrand p/ups with the JE with excellent results (all round styles from slap to jazz) but I've never used the Nordstrand pre-amps.

EMG's are quite clinical (p/ups and pre-amps) but great for studio and again I love the 'fatness' with clarity that I got with them and the JE's.

Never got on with the Delanos (but to be fair I didn't try for long).

Loved DiMarzio's with the JE's and they were the best I tried in passive (you can use the active/passive option with the JE's and have even more tones...) as they seem to need less 'help' then the others for a good basic tone.

Phew....Hope this helps

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