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Neutral Radio sound!

Theo Verelst

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I just listened to Radio-10 (in Holland, that's that little patch of land, west of Germany) for few hours, while the Top 1010 (thousand and ten) was being played, Aretha, Abba, Pretenders, Prince, Christopher Cross, Golden Earring, etc.




Isn't that something, all my writing and AES lobbying must have paid off, finally, my mid-sized bi-amped pretty neutral monitors on my well working Nokia Communicator-2 FM stereo radio sounded well, round, fine stereo image, normally present lows, under control highs, good behaved mids, and completely recognizable as the artists of course I've heard many times before, also from albums, tapes and live.


Marvellous. Especially the big synth sounds, and the album/single production atmosphere, characteristic sound for the artist/band, and the "space" being present without ever being obtrusive trivial.


Long live the sound without quered pitch, inverted mid-range smoothing, false harmonization, transient and low end mangling and lack of decent (and stereo) top-highs, hurray.


Theo V.


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