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GSi Burn - Preset Share


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Not sure what the best way is to share patch data for the GSi BURN. An editor/librarian for the PC/iPad, etc., would be awesome but there is no USB support and no MIDI out to transfer data to a PC and support outbound communications from the BURN.


How's this for a template to share patches: (I think these are the primary parameters that make a difference)


- BURN PARAMETERS -------------------------------------------

- Effect = Rotary: 122, Rotary: 145, Amp: Model 16, etc.

- Tube O/D Swith = On/Off

- Tube O/D Gain = ###

- Tube O/D Level = ###

- Parameter 1 = ###

- Parameter 2 = ###

- Parameter 3 = ###, n/a

- Horn Slow Speed = Unplug, Slow, Normal, Fast

- Horn Fast Speed = Unplug, Slow, Normal, Fast

- Bass Slow Speed = Unplug, Slow, Normal, Fast

- Bass Fast Speed = Unplug, Slow, Normal, Fast

- Bass Ramp Up = Slow, Normal, Fast

- Bass Ramp Down = Slow, Normal, Fast

- Freq. Mod. Amount = Less, Normal, More

- Crossover Cutoff = Lower, Normal, Higher

- Horn Resonance = Off, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3

- Horn Timbre = Dark, Normal, Open, Bright

- Reverb Length = Room, Studio, Hall, Church

- Reverb Tone = Dark, Normal, Bright

- Reverb Gain = OFF, -3 dB, Normal, +3 dB

- OTHER INFORMATION -----------------------------------------

- Instrument = Nord C2, Hammond XK3, etc.

- Context/Drawbars = Jazz, 848000004, etc.

- Comment = This patch is useful with the xyz amp ...., etc.



Anyone willing to share their magical patches/data???



Like several others that have commented in other threads, I am truly enjoying the BURN and its extensive editable parameters but there are a couple issues I can't get past:


1) The digital reverb is impacted by the wobble of the virtual rotors. When a good amount of reverb is added, as you go between slow/fast and fast/slow, the reverb trails present an unpleasant shaky/de-tuning effect (interferes with the clean speed up/slow down otherwise excellent w/o reverb). Has anyone experienced the same? Has anyone been able to tune the reverb parameters to correct this issue? (maybe this is something Guido has to do to modify the signal path)


2) I play pretty much "clean" but I just cannot get the distortion to sound right. Any one has come up with some good settings?




HX3 Expander, Nord Stage EX, XM-2/XMc-2, VR-700, VR-09, 1954 C2 (22H), 1971 C3 (122/710), GSI VB3, GSI Burn

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I'm not sure that this is the best forum to share patches on.. why don't you try posting this on the mojomusicians forum, they have the capability to store this template, and/or create a file folder specifically for Burn presets. Guido and Andrea also participate in that forum, and they might provide some advice here and there.


I would go there and pose the question rather than in this discussion forum.

Craig MacDonald

Hammond BV, Franken-B (A100 in a BV cabinet), Leslies 122/147/44W, Crumar Mojo, HX3 module, Korg Kronos, VR-09, Roland GAIA, Burn, Ventilator

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