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Booker T's registrations for hip hugger?

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i think it's 800808008.


Yup. You can spot it on at least one YouTube vid if you look hard enough. (Don't have a link handy, sorry.)


Oh not at all.. I appreciate your knowledge. This song was dumped in my lap, along with other songs.. like homework assignments! Thank you both very much for the help. Is he also using another registration too? Also this, I had read somewhere that his signature sound was 888800000.


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He uses 888800000 a lot, but also 800808008 & full organ ( 888888888) , plus variants on full organ. He does not use much chorus or vibrato, unless the leslie is in fast chorale. I do not recall hearing him use percussion much, 2nd fast decay is used occasionally. on lower manual, he often uses some variant of 008400000. Mr Jones has stated numerous times that the straight Hammond sound is his favorite sound, but he does use slow & fast chorale, & quite expertly ,too. In 888800000, he makes frequent use of parallel 3rds & 6's, plus lots of grace notes. He uses the leslie very much like how a singer uses vibrato for high & held notes. If you think like a singer when playing his stuff, you are on the way to mastering his deceptively simple, trilling style.
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