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Possibly the worst lip-syncing job ever!?!?!?

Winston Psmith

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What the hell was THAT? Was this a tape of what was actually going on behind the taping? Or an overdub of some guys watching the clip with the volume turned down?


Hilarious at any rate.


I suppose many artists, at any time, disliked the "lip sync" thing. I know THREE DOG NIGHT detested lip syncing, and in any clip you see them doing this it's apparent they're NOT taking things serious.


But, if you MIGHT remember, there was a TV show in the early '80's where there were contestants that lip-synced" to popular hits, and were judged by a panel as to which contestants synced the best. I think they won some kind of prize, but as I thought the whiole thing was stupid, never noticed. My daughters used to LOVE this show! I'll have to ask one of them if THEY remember the prize.


Nonetheless, THOSE people provided FAR worse example of "lip-syncing" than this clip!


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Does anyone remember seeing the clip of a band that simply stood there instead of lip syncing during a live TV broadcast while the audio of one of their songs played? I've searched in vain but can't find it...


Syd Barrett did that in his later moments with Pink Floyd for some American TV show, maybe Shindig. The rest of the band was not amused.

Scott Fraser
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No...more like possibly the worst singing and guitar playing to a classic video EVER! Title should be changed. Because that is what that is.


Can't stop laughing...hilarious.


I don't know who gave those guys money for singing and guitar lessons, but if it was me I'd want my money back!

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I have seen some videos that- God bless 'em- the performers recorded and put out there, completely oblivious to how truly bad they were.


I'm not talking about pro-level stuff, like Danzig's laughable "Killer Wolf" or Attack Attack's inexplicably bad "Stick Stickly". That kind of bad takes a creative team, and lots of money.


No, I mean guys and gals who were just livin' the dream and nobody told them it was a nightmare...


Stuff that would qualify for their own kind of "You're playing it wrong" thread...

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If she had just stopped and said something like "oh that's right, It's Saturday Night Live and I'm not Lady Ga Ga, hit it again boys..." and played it off as a spoof she would have got away with it. Instead, her little jig off stage will haunt her for a long long time. I think the sad part is that the SNL boys had to know she was going to lip sync and were part of the conspiracy...SNL has always ad-libbed when the lines get flubbed or the actors can't stop laughing long enough to deliver their lines. It's part of the fun that the show is based upon...
Take care, Larryz
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