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Happy Birthday, Johnny!


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Johnny Mathis is 78 years today.


While NOT the top choice of most of the members here as a vocalist of choice, many members who might be MY age and up, and even some a bit younger will note that at least CHRISTMAS wouldn't have been the same without him.


One of the few "crooners" with a totally distinctive voice, Mathis is, no one can argue, an American music icon.


And there HAS to be an entire generation that was concieved with Mathis' singing coming out of the dashboard radio! "Chances Are" good on that claim.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Johnny Mathis is a great singer. His voice was pitch perfect. A crooner of the highest order. I come from the days when he was first hitting the charts back in the fifties. I admired him from day one.


Happy Birthday Johnny.

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I get Misty is one of his best IMHO. Happy BD Johnny...


Misty is probably my favorite song and although Johnny Mathis' version is not my favorite (I prefer Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Julie London, Sarah Vaughn etc.), JM still did a very nice job with it.


Happy B'day!

If you play cool, you are cool.
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Sarah Vaughn and Julie London and Johnny Mathis all did great on Misty. As far as watching them, I would go with Julie as she was a knockout, but I like Johnny's singing the best. Also, I may have made an error as I think Chances Are (a song pointed out by the OP) is probably his best...
Take care, Larryz
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