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Recent Kurz patches through Studio processing

Theo Verelst

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It has to be not boring, and at the same time educational to bring this up again, but I think it is.


I made three programs work at the same time: a bass sound, played on the PC3(-76) keyboard, an epiano sound, played on the Yamaha 88 board (via two usb midi links coupled by a fast Linux machine), and a drum set patch, played by ROM tune "Ballad-4" (or 3 or 5 , I don't recall).


The studio processing chain (which I mentioned in a recent thread) has mainly" high. mid and low-mid-tube, and low-mid per-subband dynamic processing based on FFT mastering effects, and in this case also a subtracted multi-compression effect (but not full range, between about 100 to about a few kHz IIRC). First, there's a extremely little example passing through the processing from Creedence (Born on the Bayou), then the PC3 analog stereo output is connected to the studio chain through a computer 192/24 AD converter. The chain is a bit of a delay, yet I play this piece live:


hpc3bayou1.mp3 44.1 kHz, stereo, 256 kbps 1min 35s (attention: probably a bit on the loud side)


OF course there are some interesting aspects here. That includes that somehow once more the Kurz seems to think in the types of processing I use. And that it does some very weird things again, which of course I was searching out doing this experiment.


So it may not interest you, but then again that *sound* is getting good. Try that on *anything* esle. Seriously, try and let me hear it, too!


Theo V.

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