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Hungry Like The Wolf - Cover help on Bridge?


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So my band is doing this song and I have everything but the bridge sound(s) worked out. I had planned to provide a link to a youtube vid for ease of review, but alas, the compression of the audio wrecks any chance of really hearing what's going on there.


Has anyone here had any experience with programming the sound in there? Pitch shifted, Cave Echo type thing...


I'm working with a Kronos and have gone through every voice I thought my be a "usual suspect" but to no avail. My hope was a starting point and work from there but nada. Oh how I wish my programming chops were better then that of an 8 year old....


Any advice you could give would be appreciated.

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We skipped that part in my old band to shorten it and keep the flow going. But to me it just sound like a decent amount of filter resonance (no envelope), with key tracking set to a fairly large amount of effect over filter cutoff. Set amp env release appropriately so the notes ring. The frequencies you're hearing are more filter resonance, which is why it's not really a clear note. So you'll need to tweak filter cutoff to get the right tone.


I would be willing to bet he did it on a Jupiter 8 since he used one extensively on the Rio album.


I'd use the AL-1 engine.



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