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New Body/Bridge

Chad Thorne

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yes. yes, there is:


#0093 Fender® Style Bass Bridge: 35" ± 1/16" from nut to center of rear-most mounting screws.


Now you must locate the bridge laterally (side-to-side). With the neck in the neck pocket...align it with your length mark for the mounting screws. Make intersecting "cross-hair" marks for the mounting screw holes through the bridge plate. ... Remember the golden rule of woodworking, "Measure twice and cut once!" This is especially important with bridge location and drilling.


To double-check the bridge's lateral location, take a long straightedge and place it along the edge of the neck. Be sure that a portion of the straightedge is over the body at the bridge's location. Compare the two sides of the neck and where the straightedge hangs over the bridge. (Example: the straightedge may be even with the outside of the E-string saddles, the outer saddle height screws, the outer edges of the bridge plate, etc.) Once you are convinced that the bridge is located correctly, centerpunch your marks and drill for the mounting screws/posts.


i've never done this myself, but this seems like a reasonable procedure.

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As an aside, I have just replaced the bridge/tremolo assembly in my Stratocaster (yes, that I played before) and am delighted at how the sound is different but the same. Same attitude, but more in your face, with all the edges sharper and the surfaces smoother.

I have switched pick-ups with the Fender Custom Shop Special '54.

This combined with a faultless tremolo that allows me the kind of abuse that Scott Henderson masters (but I don't) makes for a real treat.

I feel my MIM is on a par with any possible Strat at any price.

All in all, the quality of parts matters.

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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