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She sings multiple notes at the same time!?!?


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Several weeks ago, someone posted a video performance of Snarky Puppy. I got hooked and have been listening to this band almost non-stop!


The band is now touring, but, has recently completed a new project which they're apparently rolling out one video at a time! They just released a video of a tune called "Something" with a vocalist by the name of Lalah Hathaway where she "sings" multiple notes at a time!! The performance is very good but that last bit of vocal trickery starting around 6:10 is just astounding!


The drummer's reaction is classic!!!


Besides all that there's a ton of great keyboard action, Piano, Rhodes, B3 and Synth!!!




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I do that.


Some of my wind writing is that way too.


Start out with Bartolozzi "New Sounds for Woodwind" for fingerings. Your recruits are gone shit, but it really works.

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Tuvan throat singing, and yes, David Lee Roth. Those weirdo Mr. Bill like screams and yelps of his were unearthly for their overtones, weren't they?
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Snarky Puppy are awesome. They played here a couple of months back then announced a secret show the following night. Went to that too, 12-4am, 4 hours of madness. It was fantastic.


I've heard of the two note singing being done before, but I thought it was extremely rare. Monks used to train themselves to do that or something. I find it quite creepy!

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