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Like a Bridge

Theo Verelst

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Hi all


Apart from the, possibly natural, desire to sound like R. Tee on the famous Simon and Garfunkel tune, I think it is a good idea to test out instruments with the most advanced music of certain styles.


So here is a new piano I've worked on for the Kurzes (not LE thus far), which is really not easy enough to get at (meaning: don't try this at home if your programmers' ego is frail, I'm not kidding), and which I test (I didn't practice except once, but I knew the song when the "Live in C.P." album was just out and taught myself how to play it shortly after) with a part of "Bridge over Troubles Water":


troubledwater.mp3 44.1kHz stereo 121s 256kbps (recorded straight from PC3 unbal. analog out, no edits or processing at all)


No points if you point out the obvious sound limitations (about twice I think), kudos if you can properly lay down a description of the style matches and mismatches in this piece, and points if you can pinpoint the (deliberate, believe me) 3 errors.


Sounds' not for download, sorry, I'll maybe next week make some e- and a- piano sample downloads which only work in one octave.




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