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Yamaha FC7 with Mojo


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Is anyone else using the FC7 with the Mojo? To me, it feels like the steepest part of the curve is towards the beginning of the motion, rather than the end. So, by the time the pedal is about 50-80% engaged, the volume feels maxed out.


I'm wondering if reversing the polarity would correct this.

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I purchased the adaptor for the yamaha pedal.. from Ashby solutions.. I think JustDan knows of it. I am not sure if Yamaha pedal needs the ashby adaptor for Mojo. I use the Mojo pedal itself.. am still in my infancy in terms of getting used to it.

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Do you have the latest Mojo OS installed? Guido made some changes in the volume pedal response which gives you a bit more oomph at the top of the range.



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