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Need Controller Keyboard etc For Receptor: Studiologic?


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Hello Guy's


Although I've been reading a lot of the recent post with much enthusiasm for the new stuff being announced, I wanted to get some opinions from the forum members.


I've just ordered a Receptor Trio from Bryan at Muse Research, I've been wanting one of these for a L-O-N-G time.

Now, I need a solid controller keyboard for studio and live work to go with it.


Am seeking suggestions:

a) StudioLogic Numa

b) Sudiologic Numa Nero (wood keys)

c) Acuna which uses a TP100 action in the 73 key version.

d) MOFX8

e) Digital Piano - the new Yamaha CP4?



I'd prefer the weighted action or the 88 key personally, but since I haven't tried one, do not know if the actions on the weighted boards available would be too heavy/sluggish.


I am not considering the Kawai, since it seems to be more of a specialty board for running VST's, and in essence is probably heavier due to it's solid build. I would also need to connect a Laptop (at some point) to whatever board I buy btw.


Enter the new MOXF8 (once available). I've seen that board listed for $1,699 from Internetstatemusic.com which is $100 more that the Numa Nero.


Should Yamaha announce a new Motif next year however, I may trade up if I purchased the MOFX8. But right now, it looks very nice and would be a great back up to just using a controller.


Just would like to compare the actions. I've read here on the forum that the MOFX8 has the same action as the MOX8.






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I know they are older now, but the Roland A-90 (88 fully weighted) and the A-70 are about the best ever MIDI controller keyboards. Built like tanks, and if you can get a decent one second hand, they would make an excellent controller.



There is no luck - luck is simply the confluence of circumstance and co-incidence...


Time is the final arbiter for all things

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