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"bass delivery systems"

Richard W

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This article about Beats by Dre is kinda funny. It explains that, while Beats are sort of middling from an audio perspective, they excel in delivering bass sound and why that is desirable to listeners.


I have a pair (purchased by my wife as a birthday present) and I do like them. I find the sound rich, and they do have a tremendous bass response. On the downside, they require two AA batteries and it took me a long time to get in the habit of turning them off. I went through a lot of batteries. The ear pieces fit snuggly, which effectively blocks external noise, but on the other hand they make my ears ache with extended wear. I use them mostly plugged into my amp so I can practice quietly.

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Interesting (and yes, funny). I read the WS Journal article mentioned and was amazed at the sales numbers.


It seems like mostly hype. I have Beats audio on my new cell phone, but it doesn't appear to make much of a difference on or off. (I guess that's what you get with a 0.001" woofer ;) ).

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in technical terms it's not just low end response, but undamped low end response. i think it's a testament brilliant branding and knowing your market. as soon as the NBA and NFL players started showing up to the stadium wearing them, every fan had to have them, too.


it's weird, because there's both nothing unique and nothing ordinary about the brand. any brand with that kind of star power and such a strong design unity would become ubiquitous. but not just any brand can achieve that kind of star power and such strong design unity.


nope, they're not good sounding by traditional metrics, but i'm having trouble feeling like that's a problem for anyone -- for dre, for his customers, or for people like me who have roughly 0% interest in buying the headphones.

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