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B3 Move-In Day


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Hammonddave's '61 B3 and Leslie 47 arrived at their new home on Friday. Here are some photos (including the Leslie being carried down the rolling hills of West Virginia):


B3 Move-In Day Photos


By owning this beast, I have realized a dream and life goal that began in my teens, and it sounds fabulous!


As an aside, Modern Piano Moving was a top-notch service provider. They were professional every step of the way, and kept me informed of the status of my move - always calling me as promised and comporting with their estimated timetables.


One question - the organ got a bit dusty while sitting in the warehouse in Missouri. Is there a safe way to wipe down the controls, manuals, etc.?


I had a busy weekend, so I didn't get to just sit and play as much as I would have liked; however, there will be plenty of time for that now!

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Looks great!! congratulations!! Assuming it's not an excessive amount of dust, I think it's OK to carefully wipe them down, if it is excessive you might want to vacuum carefully with an attachment that has the really soft/fine bristles first.


Just don't hose it down.. ;-)



Craig MacDonald

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If that is how you have it arranged for playing, why not turn the organ around so you aren't staring at a wall and put the Leslie across the room so the sound has space to develop and the horn isn't popping your ear while the low rotor serenades your feet.
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Glad to hear there were no issues with Modern Piano Davin. Like I said, things can change in 6 years, so hopefully they got their s**t together a bit more then when I had the misfortune of choosing them for my cross country move. They sure did a number on my Steinway picking it up in Iowa and moving here to LA. :cry: I still haven't fixed the gouge they put on the lid. It's cosmetic and I've elected to put the dough into the voicings, regulations and tunings. Still at some point I'd like to get that fixed.


The B3 & Leslie look great ! Congrats.


2005 NY Steinway D

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Thanks everyone! I have a lot of other gear in the room (I'll have to post some pics in the comffortable studio thread sometime), so the positioning is necessary.


The Leslie is in the middle of the wall it is positioned on, but I plan to move it into the middle of the room when I record it. I've been meaning to do some treatment in the studio for a while; however, I always back out because I do most everything ITB. Now, treatment is a necessity!

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Beautiful - buttttttt, where are the pedals? Gotta' have pedals.





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Now, treatment is a necessity!


I think so. Regardless of where the sound is coming from, those standing waves will accumulate in that corner where you're sitting. Could be a nuisance; maybe not, but it's something to think about.

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I am in mourning now that I sold that organ... but the one thing that beings me great joy in all this is knowing that Davin will be a great player/owner.


Enjoy, my friend...

'55 and '59 B3's; Leslies 147, 122, 21H; MODX 7+; NUMA Piano X 88; Motif XS7; Mellotrons M300 and M400; Wurlitzer 200; Gibson G101; Vox Continental; Mojo 61; Launchkey 88 Mk III; Korg Module

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