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Galileo live


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Used Galileo as my organ for the first time on a gig last night. I-Pad2/GriffinConnect MIDI in/PX5s controller/MIDISolutions Pedal Controller for cc#11.

All-in-all, very good. Rich sound (used a Vent for Leslie) with only the tiniest bit of latency- left the buffer at 256, might try 128 next time. Absolutely no glitches, though I once changed patches before releasing keys, and there was some hanging notes when I went back to Galileo, but got them off when I changed patches on the organ itself. I was able to set up my controller to turn C/V on/off (wheel), C/V type (knob 1), percussion on/off & type (knob 2), distortion (knob 3), reverb depth (knob 4), drawbar control (sliders 1-6).

You can have a lower octave change (12) presets, like the black keys on a B, though there is no "cancel", the low C calls up what's active. I didn't use it like this because I need to train my left hand to stay away from that area while playing!

What I don't like - the upper octave does not SCREAM! Was not evident in headphones when I was programming, but C4 to C5 wimps out a little. There is a couple EQing things I will try out this week (like using the preamp clean but adding treble/uppermids-don't need it for distortion anyhow). Another thing- there seems to be a very slight attack to the sound - not a latency thing, but a "swell". If I use KeyClick, it masks this a little and will be more immediate sounding.

I have owned a few B3s over the years, and a few clonewheels in the more recent years, but my current band only has like 6/8 Hammond songs- I sold my last clone a year ago. For a while I used the PX5s' organs thru the Vent (not horrible), but this is a major step up.

The Leslie and the distortion built in are very good, no problem using them if I were Ventless. 10 bucks, Ipad, and MIDI in = very good organ.

B3 = 10 stars

Sk1 (my last clone) = 9

Galileo = 7.5

Professional musician = great source of poverty.

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Interesting... Had the same conclusions after I tried the Galileo with my rig. Ended up using my old trusty VB3 at my rehearsal today. now THAT screams!

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