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Peter's Players


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I had to post about an experience I had a few weeks ago. I've lived in California for almost 30 years but I'm still a Canadian citizen and most of my family live in Ontario, specifically the Muskoka region which is affectionately called cottage country by locals and frequent visitors. It's an area of beautiful lakes and hills about 100 miles north of Toronto. My mother has a summer cottage in the town of Gravenhurst and my 24 year old son and I visited her recently for a week. One afternoon as my son and I were driving around the tiny downtown he noticed a sign that said Johnny Winter tonight. Well, of course I had to pull over and investigate. Come to find out the place is called Peter's Players and it's a small venue for blues artists. It only seats about 90 people and they were charging $175 per head for Johnny (it was sold out) for the 3 nights he was there. I had a chance to look at Johnny's rig while I was there and talked to owner Peter himself. This place has been in business for 5 years and has booked an impressive list of artists. Walter Trout was booked for later that week. Anyway, it was something unexpected that happened. Some of you might already know about this place. I'm sure Peter isn't very happy about the recent Canadian government initiative decribed in the recent post by Dr. Ellwood. Anyway check out the website if you wish. petersplayers.com
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I know about this venue Delta! it's a great room and a great place to see bluesmen in a intimate setting. This new law will really impact the operations there, there is no doubt! If you apply the law to Johnny's gig there you can see how devastating it is to the owner and to subsequent acts coming through the area (or one's that would have come through) I don't think Johnny or Walter could get mitigation on this rule because it would not be a major tour act.
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