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Korg SG Rack - Help needed, need schematics please


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Hi Guys


My trusty Korg SG Rack has started making cracklings noises and sometimes losing sound on the RIGHT input at the back


My repair technician replaced these inputs with new ones from Korg and it's still doing it, I'm based in England


Does anyone have the schematic diagram for the SG rack?


I've no idea what to do as I love using this unit for all my gigs mixed in with my Motif and Fantom keyboards




Wayne from Bon Giovi






Roland Fantom X8 (SRX-04, SRX-07, SRX-11, SRX-12) - Yamaha Motif ES7 - Kawai MP11 - Hammond XK-1C - Korg TR Rack - Korg SG Rack - Quiklok Z72 - Quiklok SL930 - Electrovoice SXA360's





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