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Minimoog repair??

Steve Nathan

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Who's best with these old things. I got mine out today (for a Tim McGraw record if you can believe that :o ) and even though I let it warm up for a couple of hours, ithe tuning was all over the place. I never could get it up to true pitch, and had to try tuning it down a step & playing in a different key, but even then, it kept jumping out.

Anyone know where Alan Gary Campbell is these days, or else someone in that league?


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Oh man, I haven't spoken with Alan Campbell in about 15 years. He was in Chattanooga the last time he and I met. Here is the last phone number I had for Alan: 423-894-9771.


These guys are old-time techs (been around the block a few times):


Rusty Gray, Musicians' Electronic Services

Phone: (610) 896-7311


Cory Davidson, Davidson Electronics



Rich Bruyn, EPR Electronics




Steve Coscia

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