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Elton's "Love Lies Bleeding" ARP sound


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I am trying to get the massive ARP sound that is at the 43 second mark of "Funeral For a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding."


Any hints on how to get this ? I'm using a Nord Stage 2.



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From what I've read, that synthesizer part was created by multi-tracking a monophonic ARP 2500.


I played this piece in a cover band a couple of years ago, and my Prophet 08 (with a bit of reverb) was capable of recreating this sound nicely.


What's remarkable about this sound isn't it's complexity, but the overall richness of the tone. I hate talking about "fatness" with synthesizers, but it is inevitable with this sound.


I don't know anything about the Nord Stage 2, but perhaps someone who does can talk to you about starting with a basic "analog brass" type of patch and tweaking it from there. Some synthesizers will only ever be able to create relatively weak approximations of a sound like this.




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Unfortunately, your Nord Stage synth doesn't have that rich sound. Believe me, I've tried! The filters are just cold and clinical.


The hex layer synth in my Casio PX-5S ironically does have this sound - I'll bet it would do a great job.



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I am using the "Saw Ensemble" on a Korg PS60

It does a decent job, best guess would be

the saw waves with chorus or detuning or even a chorus pedal.

If you want to add extra hardware

If this violates the shameless plug rules, please delete

this post



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