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Sibelius 7 First.


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I need to write drum parts and was wondering if Sibelius 7 First shows symbols especially for drum parts - for example, open hi hats, closed hi hats, crash /ride cymbals etc. Any info would be most appreciated. I don't want to buy it if I can't use drum specific notation. Thanks, Tezzer.
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From the docs for Sibelius 6 First:


"Sibelius First has many of the more common pitched and unpitched percussion instruments built-in, including drum sets and orchestral percussion... [D]rum set, marching snare drum, bass drum and cymbal instruments use five-line staves, and different noteheads at different positions on the staff produce different sounds... Drum Set and Drum Kit instruments use a notational system based on the recommendations of the Percussive Arts Society (in Norman Weinbergs book, Guide To Standardized Drumset Notation)."


I haven't used version 7, but I would assume the functionality is at least the same if not better.


Avid, in its infinite wisdom, grants only registered Sibelius users access to its support forums, so answers to inquiries like the OP's can be surprisingly hard to find.

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