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Michele C.

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Today I picked my way through loads of punk with three teens in a garage, heavily armed with big muffs an double pedals. It was fun.
I have to get my specs tested - I read that yesterday as 'loads of junk ... I thought you were at a garage sale.

Epi EB-3

G-K Backline 600

2 x Eden EX112


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Should I hsve said subbing? I do not remember a single dominant chord in the session. More: I do not recall a triad, it was power chords all over

Regarding other substitutions, I am a fan of going ii instead of IV too.

Regatding the music we had a couple of originals, some Fugazi, Nirvana.


Correct Michele, if one is filling another's slot with a band we call that subbing.



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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