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Goldsby arpeggio column September 2013

Ed S.

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Is there a way to get the John Goldsby arpeggio column from September 2013? The October Woodshed column references that info. The Bassplayer web page for September does not have the Goldsby article, just other links. That column had arps ascend from the root then descending from the 9th.



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Hi John. Quick question about the arpeggio columns. The Oct 2013 column is titled "What goes down, must come up". In the intro paragraph you mention "Last month, we looked at arpeggios starting on the root and moving up, arpeggios starting on the 9th and moving down, ...". Was that the September 2013 column? I'll buy that issue if you are sure that the content is the lesson prior to the Oct 2013 column.


Ed T.

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Hi Ed,

That Woodshed column that gives the foundation information on building arpeggios is in the September issue of BP the one with the prog metal guys on the cover. My article is about building arpeggios from the root up to the 9th, and then some licks and practice suggestions to use them starting at the top (on the 9th) and moving down.





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