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CASIO privia px350


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Hi All,


As you may know, the CASIO Privia px-350 has built-in USB recording.


What would you recommend, if i were to record myself playing the piano and singing + recording i it all, only using the recording function in the Privia ??


Is it possible at all??


What hardware should i get?


I already have recording equipment from the privia to my pc...


So what i need to know, is what i should get to connect a good mic, and get reverb and other effects to "line in" on the privia..


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Hi Michael-


If you want to record vocals from a mic through the Privia's line in, you will probably need a DI box or some sort of mic preamp - basically something to boost the signal of the mic.


If you already have a PC set up to record, that would probably be better though. That way you can process the pianos and vocals separately.



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