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Quick Question for PC/Cubase folks

Steve Nathan

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A friend has a PC running Cubase w/Ivory and a few other VIs on it. Connected to a Motif via an M-Audio Profire 610. It stays set up in his studio and has worked fine for years.

He called to say that "for no apparent reason" it has suddenly developed an extreme latency problem. Long, clearly audible (unacceptable) delay from key strike to sound.

I'm a Mac guy so I'm a little lost telling him where to start.

He has already rebooted/uninstalled+reinstalled Cubase. I'm going over there with another Profire 610 to quickly eliminate the Motif and interface as the problem. On a Mac, I'd be looking at system preferences and buffer settings, but I'm not sure where to begin looking on a PC.

The guy who installed this system can't get there in time for his Monday AM session, so I'd like to try and get him back and running if I can.

I will appreciate any and all suggestions.

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Check the drivers for the M-Audio ProFire. You could also download ASIO4all (free) and put it on his PC to see if the latency is any better using that. Just a thought.


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In Cubase, there are ASIO settings for buffer etc...he should check those to see that they havent been changed 'for no apparent reason'. Which flavour of Cubase, there are many!

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