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More synth sounds: Yoshimi

Theo Verelst

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Hi all softsynth or synth sound lovers/likers/aficionados/programmers. An answer of mine to the request for "more synth" is to have compiled (to get the latest version) a Linux soft synth program based on the well known "zynaddsubfx" called Yoshimi. It is to make it work better with jack, a somewhat pro grade sound routing program on Linux, which when used right makes sure no samples are lost (and reports if they are) and does absolutely nothing to your buffers and signals (transparency) and runs in 32 bit floating point per channel, and in this case 192 ksample/sec.






I've gone over the banks of sounds, but didn't get to the latest cool one, but anyhow here's me doodling with it, playing over slight production effects running on the same machine (which also runs live TV, the web server and webbrowser and more), if anyone is interested I can give more signal graph and other data for those who want to try for themselves:


yoshimi_1_1_0_tm.mp3 44.1 kHz stereo mp3 256 kilobit/s 8 min 40 sec (16 MByte)


A similar program is available as VST (I think it is there, maybe it is in buildup), but beware: the rest, evenness, predictability and responsiveness of this Yoshimi version are good. Other zynaddsubfx versions have very jittery and annoying sound.



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The above example is interesting enough, and contains only Yoshimi with a small random selection of supplied sounds, some light production effect, but nothing more, no other synths or effects.


Here are some edit screens:

















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