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Hammond 3300 Leslie at lower volumes with SK2


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Hi. The rehearsals that I'm in are at relatively lover volumes than when performing. Any way to get any growl out of that leslie at lower output? I have read Jim A's threads and have tried swapping tubes. Love the sound, but just not getting as much overdrive as I would like.
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The 3300's master volume should have no effect on the amount of overdrive. Turn the SK-2's volume up some (~1/2 way), starting with it down low turn the Tube Drive up until you hear some distortion, turn the Tube Mode up until you hear the kind of distortion you like, turn the Tube Drive up more to increase the distortion at the current Mode setting. Turn the master volume up. Tweak the Mode to fine tune the OD tone.


Start with the 3300 master volume down fairly low and the SK-2's Expression pedal at ~3/4's. If you have to turn the Tube Drive up much beyond 1/2 way, turn the SK-2's master volume up more and the Tube Drive back down. Re-tweak.


You should be able to dial in screaming overdrive no matter how quiet you have the 33oo's master/overall volume.

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