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Behringer: EUROLIVE B205D "Main In" input question

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Disclaimer: I don't own that particular model of amp, but I suspect that the "Main In" input is not designed to be used in conjunction with the front-panel inputs. The "Main In" is a direct connection to the power-amp. The front-panel inputs are connected to a little mixer that then feeds the power-amp.


Are you using all 3 front-panel inputs? If you could use 1 mic and 1 for keys, input 3 could be a monitor mix from the PA. (I use my little headphone amp/mixer in exactly this way).


Cheers, Mike.

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I will use up the front inputs with my mic and keys. My question is can I plug a line from our PA mixer into the "Main In" input on back so I can monitor the rest of the band?
Yes, you can.


The way this works is that the XLR "MAIN IN" input at the back sums up with the three front inputs after their respective GAINs; this sum is then available at the THRU output at the back while also being routed through the 3-band EQ and "main level" amp.


Note that you don't get a separate gain for the back input, so you'd have to adjust the main level for this before you set the mic levels, or have the mixer guy adjust this for you. Also, you won't have the mike&keys mix available at the THRU output any more, being "tainted" with the "MAIN IN" if it's connected.


That said, these 5" boxes (I own two) are nice to use for anything that doesn't require bass (or doesn't require it loudly, anyway); I've been mostly using them for guitar and vocals on a high enough mic stand behind me and facing the audience to fill out the guitar and soloists to work with a small unamplified choir, but the B205Ds versatility is really nice in all sorts of situations if you know what you're doing. If you have any other specific applications in mind, ask away, you might be lucky and I've already tried it. ;-)



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Thanks mendel. That's good to know. I won't be sending anything to the board from the Behringer. My mic and keys are on a splitter so everything can be controlled separately. I just want a way to have a bit of the band mix coming through the Behringer as well.


I thought I'd ask before I blew something up!

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