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AMAZING loop video COOL BONGO 4 HH !


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Have to say I enjoyed this a lot (despite the overly dramatic link title). It gets especially good around 2:00.


It looks like he may be using a Boss looper? Hard to tell.


(Nice user name, by the way, and welcome to the forum!)


"Of all the world's bassists, I'm one of them!" - Lug
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Right!? Awesome video!! He is definitely using a Boss looper and it isn't even the good one lol I'd LOVE to see him with the one-up pedal they make with the multiple 'ABC..' channels...


i really just love bongo basses.... double HH is the way to go !


and THANKS! good to be here! May the FORCE be with you!

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Neat vid.


I like Bongos, too. And while I haven't performed with a looper I have performed once with prerecorded backing tracks (that I recorded).


For bassists adding technology is probably the easiest way to perform solo. Here he starts out with an 8 count bass groove and then adds several layers or arrangement before soloing on top. Nicely done.


In effect he is playing with at least a 6-piece backing band at one point.


The problem is it can be difficult to listen to a concert where every piece is built in layers like this.


Also, if the layers are not carefully planned/executed they can turn into mush.


The breaks were a nice way to break things up. However, I found it a bit distracting that he stopped the piece in the middle to build up the second half. Maybe if he had a better looper he could switch out tracks individually to avoid the full stop (held harmonics not withstanding).


The second half of the piece is just a 4 count groove. Through the "magic" of technology he gets more mileage out of it by reversing it (and then reversing it back).


The biggest challenge in playing solo bass with a looper is making music that stands alone. That is, if you just had the mp3 and never saw the vid would you listen to it over and over?


The soloing is actually very simplistic; the piece is being driven almost entirely by the looped arrangement.


In closing I say well done but there is certainly room for improvement. At the very least the solo/melody could be more inspiring and the technology could be utilized more fully to eliminate some of the repetitiveness.

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