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OT: Satin Doll version


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Hey everyone...


Once I listened to a version of Satin Doll and the artist changed the head of the sone by increasing the key by semitones (if I recall correctly).


I tried but I cannot remember whose version it was.


It was something like:


cigarette holder [+1semitone]

which wigs me [+1semitone]

over her shoulder [+1semitone]

she digs me [+1semitone]

out cattin' [+1semitone]

that satin doll [+1semitone/or return to original key, i dont remember :)]


Do you guys remember hearing something that sounded like this?



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Super stuff.


It just goes to show you don't need to litter a piece with every bit of your technique to produce a very nice performance.


(Nice little challenge to transcribe, too. Well done.)


I haven't heard the version of Satin Doll that keeps "slipping up a semitone", but I'll try to help track it down. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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And I'm pretty sure it was not a keyboard player album, it was a sax, trumpet or something like that...

Yes, I remember hearing it back in the day and thinking to myself "man, that's weird and hurts my ears". But nowadays, everytime I hear SatinDoll I can't help but singing that version in my head.

I'm cursed.


Well, I used the expression 'changed in semitones' but I think that is not correct...


So we are clear, the melody of the head was something like:









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This is one of our favourite songs to use as a template for different stylistic experiments. Here are some of the ones we do:


Latin Doll

Satanic Doll (Metal)

Hip-Hop Doll

Acid Jazz Doll

Montuno Doll


We also like to invert the parts etc. and see how the interplay changes.


Satin Doll has long been one of the songs that musicians use to inspire new ideas at a jam session, just as "Rhythm Changes" refers to "use the chord sequence and rhythmic pulse of 'I've Got Rhythm' to stimulate a new song or idea").

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I've been following this hoping eventually somebody would post something tat would give e a clue. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. A little help?



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I did a chromatic thing back when I played Satin Doll... might be the same progression the OP's looking for.


It works for solos - but not on the melody. At the top of the solo, chords start a half step lower with walking bass line:


Dbm/Dm/Ebm/Em/Am9 D7/Abm7 Db7/C etc.


It sets up a nice, dark solo groove (to confound the singer, audience etc.) ;)

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