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Are Used Bass Strings Recyclable?


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I've seen bracelets made out of old bass strings (and guitar strings for that matter). Otherwise I'd think you could recycle them like any metal--my township allows citizens to drop of scrap metal for free at the township dump.


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In theory most metals are recyclable but the problem is, when they end up in the hands of your local municipal recycling heap they may end up in the trash anyway because they are a rare find for them.


Many people swear by boiling their strings. Some have tried with mixed results, you can look online for details. The only advice I can give there is once you use a pot for boiling strings, don't ever use it for food again.

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Ran into this a little while ago, check it out as a possible avenue of goodness:


"Do you have used or new strings that are lying around and doing nothing? Instead of trashing your old strings, you can join our growing list of string donors that include myself, Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan, and James Valentine of Maroon 5, and donate your used strings to us so we can get them to underprivileged kids, aspiring musicians, and pros who live in countries like Cuba where strings just arent available."


We Need Strings




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I use used high E guitar strings on my cheese slicer.


I use bass E strings on the end of a cordless drill as a snake. Bend a hook in the tuner end - pulls that hair and gunk right out!


We segregate our trash for recycling. Then, everything gets thrown into the same landfill hole because recycling is so damned expensive.


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While changing the strings on my Steinberger today, I found a use for the old strings. My cat was obsessed with them. She was playing with them (as well as the new ones I was trying to put on) then eventually just laid on them. I think I'll donate them to her - new cat toy!




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