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Introduction and pictures


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Hello everyone,


For some reason I've been on keyboard mailing lists/forums since the mid 90s and I never got around to joining here, so I'm going to do that. So Hi! Some of you might recognize me. Most won't, and that's ok, so I'll start by saying I like old stuff, and new stuff that sounds old. I've mostly stuck to make-specific forums like Nord or Moog or the old Clonewheel or Hamtech lists, I don't know why I never thought to add this place to the sequence of daily routine steps.


Anyhow, in the spirit of melting old with new recently I made wood sides to one of my Moogs:





So now it looks like I have another place to lurk and pick through the info on. I'm revisiting my gig situation w/r/t stands, so the recent threads on stands have been very interesting to me. At any rate, that's that, I'll be lurking in the corner if anyone needs me.. :)




edit to clarify: apparently I joined 2 years ago, but then forgot to come back. :whistle:

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Also, god, those donuts look so awesome. I've sworn off those types of things in an effort to shed some weight to make gigging easier on my back (and avoiding surgery - no way I'm weighing in on *that* thread, though)
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...apparently I joined 2 years ago, but then forgot to come back. :whistle:




Mom's 95.


She forgets stuff too. :laugh:


Err... welcome back, bri.


And thanks for the slutty pictures. ProfD wants to know if you have more. :blush:




"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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I have many things with keys on them, most are in these pictures:




but there are a few that didn't make those shots. Nothing too amazing, some day I'll compile a list of all of the crap in my studio. Archeologists one day may marvel at my EPS-M.


edit: duh. link.


Brian -

when you start running out of room, which looks like it's already happening, I can drop by Leesburg and take a dozen or so extra keyboards off your hands to free up some space. :D

You still gigging with a Voyager?

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For those keeping track of such things, I've done it again:


Facebook link here


Hey Brian -


welcome back. I've figured it out now. You show up once every two years. I don't have your contact info anymore. If you care to, send them to me via PM and we'll make sure you get invited to the next Mid Atlantic Keyboard Hang. If Mark (Markyboard) has it it will be in Springfield,VA, fairly close to you.

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