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new gig for me

jeremy c

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This week I will start playing in the musical, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


The band is on stage in this show, so I am busy memorizing all the music.


For those of you not familiar with the show, it portrays the life story of a transsexual rock singer from East Germany.


It's a pretty crazy show and is selling out every night.



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David, there are plenty of vids on YT.


It looks like they used a black T-bird in the film version.


Here's "Hedwig's Lament" and "Exquisite Corpse". The first song is a soft ballad; skip to 1:55 if you want to hear what JC will be rocking out to!


[And yes, it looks like one of the cast is paying homage to our very own Bear Jew (e.g. 2:17).]



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I'm afraid to admit that some of them look cute - but I'm not sure if they're women

Two of them are not women.



The show is a lot of fun. The angry inch doesn't mean they are angry. You'll have to find out what the show is about for you to know what it means.


Is it an original score? I am not familiar with this musical.

It was an off-Broadway musical and then was made into a film with the same director and actors. It has become a cult film, sort of like Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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I saw the movie when it was in the theater. The story definitely has a twisted sense of humor at work. And the music is pretty cool, too. Have fun with it, J! Are you going to break out the Matt Freeman P-Bass for this? It might be the right bass for the gig.

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Congrats, it looks like it could be fun.

What's the schedule like?

The temp tattoos are better than the tat sleeves.


As far as the stickers on the bass you may want to stick them to some fuzzy cloth first so they come off easy.

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Played my first show tonight.

It went great! Lots of fun playing in an actual rock band.

The actors are all great people and I'm going to enjoy working with them.


Sounds so cool.... so very cool..... congrats!!

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