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Krome combi cheat


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I neeeded to make a BT with extended runs of compound chords but my playing skills aren't up to it, so by trial and error I made a combi which can put 3 pitchbend compound chord variations on each key so I could play it 'live':-



The drum track still needs some work as I started with an Krome DT but the keys track wasn't to the click

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Been playing around more with with this idea. At first I zoned the 'big chord' over most of the keyboard but dialled up the low end to leave a single bass line. Then I dialled down the top end so I could play a single note lead line above. Finally I moved the 'chord' to the bottom 1.5 octaves of the keyboard leaving the rest for single note lines bass+treble. The bottom 1.5 octaves are transposed to mid keyboard pitch and the rest transposed down an octave.


I also found a tweak to assign a transpose of +/- 2 chromatic octaves to a 'user' knob. It's possible to limit the transpose to +/- any chromatic interval and assign separately to the 'chord' and 'single' using 2 user knobs and 2 progs in the combi.


Even if you have chops to easily play 8-note chords accurately, playing them together with a bass and single note line is probably still going to be a stretch.


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