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Nord Electro 4D review, with NE3HP Hammond/Leslie comparison

Kawai James

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Hello chaps,


One of the folks on the Nord User Forum turned me onto this great review of the Nord Electro 4D:




The review is in German, however Google Translate does a reasonably good job of translating it into English.


Of particular interest to me are the Hammond/Leslie comparisons with the NE3HP (third page). It's clear that the key click and Leslie sim have changed considerably, and I would say for the better.


If anyone has found any other NE3 vs NE4 audio comparisons, please do post a link.





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For completeness' sake, you can also hear some comparison of E4 native leslie effect vs. E4 with Vent at


I think it's a classic "good/better/best" scenario.

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